Teeth Cleaning - What is Detertraj?

Teeth Cleaning - What is Detertraj?

Gum disease is caused by bacteria called plaque, which adheres to the surface of teeth, and when the plaque is not cleaned, it turns into tartar called tartar (calculus). The accumulation of plates and dental abrasion allows the destructive bacteria to multiply in our mouths, and at the end of the mouth and gums between the teeth and gums called cavities and gingiva occur. Bacteria secrete enzymes that cause bone destruction around the teeth and eventually lose the teeth. Tooth cleaning is the basis of the struggle with gum disease.

In order to be able to cope with gum disease, plaques, tartars and gums in the pocket of the gums must be removed from the mouth. As a result of the interventions with suitable hand tools or ultrasonic devices, these harmful occurrences are cleared. While cleaning the tooth stones, it is also possible to use air, water and sprayed cleaning powder.

The first aim of dental cleaning is to clean plaques, tartars and diseased tissues, so it is a very useful treatment method.

If the gums have been removed because of their previous dentists, those who open their teeth after clearing their dental abrasions may think that their roots are cleared when they cleanse their teeth. In fact, these are the consequences of poor oral hygiene and withdrawals due to dental abrasions, which is not a consequence of the hygiene that is being done. Good oral hygiene is essential for the gums not to be withdrawn if the gum removal is not performed.

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