General dental care

General dental care

The key to having a bright and healthy smile throughout adulthood is to apply a correct oral hygiene routine. In addition to tooth decay in adults, gum disease can also be seen, which can cause serious problems. During the adulthood period, it is very important that you continue to do the following:

Brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day to remove plaque, which builds up on the teeth and is a sticky layer of tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Clean your teeth with a dental floss once a day to clean the plaque between the teeth or below the gum line, without allowing the hardening to turn into a tooth stone. Once the tooth stone has formed, cleaning can only be done by your dentist with professional dental cleaning.

Limit the sugary and starchy foods and sticky snacks you consume, especially between meals. The more often you eat snacks between meals, the more bacteria you have given you the opportunity to create acids that will attack your teeth minerals.

Visit your dentist regularly for professional dental hygiene and checkups.

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