Dentist Turgut Turga

After 10 years of laboratory experience as a technician, there are about 25 dental experience.

Dentist Turgut Turga, who has been involved in dentistry since his childhood as a profession, has worked in the laboratory for 10 years. He worked actively in his laboratory with his father in porcelain, crown, bridge, veneer and laminate.

Turgut Turga, who is one of the people who grows from the core of his work, has passed the faculty of dentistry leaving the faculty of medicine he earned during his university years. He describes this situation in his own words as follows; "Since my hand, body and soul have been mixed with this profession, I passed to the dentistry of Selçuk University by leaving the medical faculty at the 3rd year of my life.

Since 1994, he has been making dentistry, which is his father and grandfather's profession.

He has also been trained in Dental implant and Oral surgery in Paris, France.

I participate in many local and international seminars and continue to follow innovations in my dentistry field, participate in seminars, symposiums and renew themselves.

Dentist Turgut Turga, who knows English and Turkish very well, serves in Scandinavian languages ​​in Norwegian, Danish, German and Russian languages.


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