After 10 years of laboratory experience as a technician, there are about 25 dental experience.

Dentist Turgut Turga, who has been involved in dentistry since his childhood as a profession, has worked in the laboratory for 10 years. He worked actively in his laboratory with his father in porcelain, crown, bridge, veneer and laminate.

Turgut Turga, who is one of the people who grows from the core of his work, has passed the faculty of dentistry leaving the faculty of medicine he earned during his university years. He describes this situation in his own words as follows; "Since my hand, body and soul have been mixed with this profession, I passed to the dentistry of Selçuk University by leaving the medical faculty at the 3rd year of my life.

Since 1994, he has been making dentistry, which is his father and grandfather's profession.

He has also been trained in Dental implant and Oral surgery in Paris, France.

I participate in many local and international seminars and continue to follow innovations in my dentistry field, participate in seminars, symposiums and renew themselves.

Dentist Turgut Turga, who knows English and Turkish very well, serves in Scandinavian languages ​​in Norwegian, Danish, German and Russian languages.


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Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer - US Dental and Craniofacial Research According to the Institution's research, it is found that the risk of oral cancer is highest in men over 40 years old.

The institution estimates that approximately 43,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the mouth, tongue or throat, and that 7,000 of these patients will lose their lives because of this disease.

The use of tobacco and alcohol products increases the risk of oral cancer. Many oral cancer cases are diagnosed by the dentist during routine checks.

Gum Disease

After age 35, patients lose more teeth than tooth decay due to gum disease.

If you are not doing your routine oral and dental care with your toothbrushing and dental flossing at home and doing your dental care regularly and do not visit your dentist regularly, plaque and gum stones containing bacteria may accumulate on your teeth.

If plaque and tartar are untreated, they can cause irreversible damage to your jawbone and supporting structure.

Teeth begin to swing, if allowed to go, you may have to have gum surgery or even lose your teeth.

The good news is that this is preventable.

Regular dental check

The toothbrush should change every three months. Microbes on the wet brush are easy to clean. You will benefit from using at least 3 brushes at the same time. You should keep your toothbrush apart from the brush of others.

In the bathroom, in your wallet, etc. you should keep signs or symbols that motivate yourself about oral care. It is important for your dental health to go to check every 6 months.

General dental care

The key to having a bright and healthy smile throughout adulthood is to apply a correct oral hygiene routine. In addition to tooth decay in adults, gum disease can also be seen, which can cause serious problems. During the adulthood period, it is very important that you continue to do the following:

Brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day to remove plaque, which builds up on the teeth and is a sticky layer of tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Clean your teeth with a dental floss once a day to clean the plaque between the teeth or below the gum line, without allowing the hardening to turn into a tooth stone. Once the tooth stone has formed, cleaning can only be done by your dentist with professional dental cleaning.

Limit the sugary and starchy foods and sticky snacks you consume, especially between meals. The more often you eat snacks between meals, the more bacteria you have given you the opportunity to create acids that will attack your teeth minerals.

Visit your dentist regularly for professional dental hygiene and checkups.

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Teeth Cleaning - What is Detertraj?

Gum disease is caused by bacteria called plaque, which adheres to the surface of teeth, and when the plaque is not cleaned, it turns into tartar called tartar (calculus). The accumulation of plates and dental abrasion allows the destructive bacteria to multiply in our mouths, and at the end of the mouth and gums between the teeth and gums called cavities and gingiva occur. Bacteria secrete enzymes that cause bone destruction around the teeth and eventually lose the teeth. Tooth cleaning is the basis of the struggle with gum disease.

In order to be able to cope with gum disease, plaques, tartars and gums in the pocket of the gums must be removed from the mouth. As a result of the interventions with suitable hand tools or ultrasonic devices, these harmful occurrences are cleared. While cleaning the tooth stones, it is also possible to use air, water and sprayed cleaning powder.

The first aim of dental cleaning is to clean plaques, tartars and diseased tissues, so it is a very useful treatment method.

If the gums have been removed because of their previous dentists, those who open their teeth after clearing their dental abrasions may think that their roots are cleared when they cleanse their teeth. In fact, these are the consequences of poor oral hygiene and withdrawals due to dental abrasions, which is not a consequence of the hygiene that is being done. Good oral hygiene is essential for the gums not to be withdrawn if the gum removal is not performed.

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